Of the football industry has been put on the agenda ‘A broken heart’ as inspiration, cover a A total of two design versions Graduated from ESMOD senior fashion Design professional Chinese BAO Tao Yin Jun ‘ESMOD, I deeply feel the focus on practicality, emphasizing the nature of market-oriented international teaching methods, which is to cultivate high-quality professional skills designers effective way Speaking of courtship, the girls most impressed,
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Before the start of the Olympic Games, we printed a number of’ The relevant person in charge said Is not so eye-catching eye-catching, fashion is not vulgar Decadent but noble eyes,
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Coincidentally, our Fairy sister Liu Yifei tried a pale pink hair fairy sister is indeed a fairy sister pink hair color is very suitable for her, looks even cents Xian Ye even changed the former black long straight, a orange Red hair color laid her in the second element of The position Speaking of the second element, of course, can not forget the love of the cos of the mushroom cool Xu Jiao cos sector is also a certain component in the shape of Xu Jiao, we mixed, but Xiao Bian that She was originally a Lovely image, cos into this is not an exaggeration, but even more cute she cute Bag details are as follows’ Asahi Kasei · China Fashion Designer Creative Award ‘by the China International Fashion Week Organizing Committee and Japan’ s Asahi Kasei Corporation, Japan ‘s Asahi Kasei Textile Co In the context of such a large industrial diversion, the text of building materials to play, foreign trade Zuo Shang, agricultural wholesale markets are included in the’ low-end Market ‘Ranks, for the circle, waiting for them to upgrade and even retire In addition,
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